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Couples Counseling – Sex Therapy

All couples go through stages where they don’t feel they have the time or energy for regular sex with their partner. Many couples realize that they need help as it is something that is becoming consistent in their lifestyle. Sex therapy can help couples to rediscover their sex life and improve their relationship with their partner. The process of wanting better sex is normal and natural for most couples but there are reasons as to why they face their individual difficulties. There are people that can provide advice and help with easing and eliminating the difficulties.

What is Sex Therapy?

Whether you go for the therapy by yourself or with your partner what entails is mostly talking amongst yourself, your partner and the therapist. They will ask questions to discover each individuals issue and to establish if the issues are physical, psychological or a combination of both. They then will plan exercises and goals to reprogram your body and to change your lifestyle for the better.

During the sessions, the therapist will arrange to see you on a weekly to fortnightly schedule to ensure consistency and to gather progress reports. Clients are surprised at how much progress they make throughout the course of attending the sessions as they see changes within their sex life slowly improving.

Sex therapy is available for couples who are experiencing difficulties in their love life’s and want to improve their sexual intimacy overall. Therapists are knowledgeable and experienced in providing the help they give; they want the best for you and will aim to bypass your difficulties.

Will Sex Therapy Help you?

Sex therapy is an effective and powerful way to transfer your sex life in the long term. It is rewarding for many couples and attending regular sessions definitely pays off and presents positive changes within their life. For couples who have stopped having intercourse a plan to attend therapy sessions are a great starting point and a continuation to see changes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or married, lesbian, straight or bi sexual, sex therapy ultimately helps to improve a person’s life and specifically their sex life.

Sex problems between couples can cause many barriers; it knocks the fun out of sex in general and distances couples to be intimate. Sexual problems can prevent couples from starting a family and sex therapy can bring awareness to this issue by addressing if the issue is physical or psychological and they can then help to conceive. Therapy can help with making improving your sex life for the better and to step over any specific issues that both individual face.

Cost of Therapy

Each center that provides sex therapy has their own costs and plans in place for couples that can range in prices.Generally a sex therapy session costs between $100 - $250 dependent on the location of the center and the circumstances of your situation.

In some centers, lower prices are given depending on the level of income one receives and if the person is receiving benefits.

4 Steps to Ensure Successful Cannabis Training

Ensure Success Of Your Cannabis Training Strategy

In today’s highly competitive cannabis industry, a highly skilled and motivated workforce is essential to meet your cannabis business goals and keep your organization ahead of the competition.

Innovative and immersive training that can engage dispensary employees and effectively address the identified gaps or upskill them are critical to the organization’s success.

To support the business in this endeavor, dispensary training teams are on a constant lookout to identify and implement new techniques and trends that will help them deliver a successful cannabis industry training strategy. Selecting the right approaches that can help employees perform better are vital for the success of your learning strategy.

Charting Your Cannabis Industry Training Strategy

As we know, a learning strategy helps define a clear roadmap to achieve the targeted learning and performance support goals for your cannabis business. It covers the actions required to meet the specified goals and has the measures to track the performance.

While the basic tenets of what a learning strategy should outline and accomplish haven’t changed over the years, the charting of the learning strategy has certainly become more complex. For instance:

There has been a rapid change in the way learners want to learn (evident in the transition of traditional eLearning to mobile learning).

You also have an added challenge of addressing the multi-generational workforce (this requires that the adopted learning strategies should resonate well with all diverse learner profiles).

This is not all; there is a wide spectrum of tools and technologies that you can pick from, but these keep changing year on year. So, which ones should you pick?

As a result, even if you have a well thought through learning strategy, many other aspects need to be taken care of so that its implementation can deliver the required results. Selecting the right eLearning trends to refine or enhance your learning strategy will certainly go a long way in helping you succeed.

Successfully Meet Your Learning Strategy

Step 1: Where Should You Start?

One of the first things you should do is to look at the last three (3) years of eLearning trends in the cannabis industry. A quick comparison will show which trends have delivered value and impact. You will also get to see which trends were talked about but didn’t pan out.

This is a great starting point for your cannabis business, as you now have a set of trends that are certainly worth your consideration.

Step 2: How To Validate The Trend?

While several trends are clearly delivering the required value, the next step is their suitability in the context of your cannabis business. For instance, within the mobile cannabis training solutions, there are two (2) flavors:

Mobile-Friendly or Adaptive Format:

These courses can be used on mobile devices, but they are not optimized for them. However, they run across the spectrum of devices learners may opt for (laptops/desktops to smartphones and tablets). The courses do not adapt dynamically to the viewable area (for instance, they would shrink in the portrait mode on a smartphone). Also, the learning interactions are aligned to laptops/desktops rather than the way learners access information on smartphones.

Mobile-First or Responsive Format:

Here, the designs are dynamic and respond to adjust to the viewable area of each device (from laptops/desktops to smartphones and tablets). The learning interactions are optimized for mobile devices.

Which of these should you opt for, or if you are currently using the adaptive format, should you look at the responsive format? The answer lies in how the content is likely to be consumed. If your users are on the move and will pick up training predominantly on the go, you should look at the responsive design.

Otherwise, the adaptive format works. The world is abuzz with microlearning; should you move your entire training to this format? Not quite; several trainings would still require the format when the granularity of the microlearning format may make the learning experience rather disruptive.

This crucial process helps you validate if your needs match the selected trend. It also helps you validate which of these trends will address your requirements optimally and must be part of your learning strategy.

Step 3: Which Trends Should Be Adopted?

Look for the following five (5) aspects to ensure the success of your cannabis business’ learning strategy:

Keep the learners engaged.
Ensure knowledge acquisition happens.
Facilitate the application of the acquired learning on the job.
The desired performance gain and Return-on-Investment (or ROI) occur.
A positive ROI on training spend is established.

Based on this compass, they identify which trends can help them achieve success and you can use these cues to determine which of the trends should be adopted or updated in your cannabis industry training strategy.

Step 4: Successful Implementation Of Training Strategy

Even if you researched and arrived at the right set of trends, you have validated their relevance in the context of your cannabis business; yet, successful implementation hinges on several other factors. Here are two (2) significant ones that have a direct bearing on successful outcomes:

Selection Of Partners:

The partners you choose (for the platform or for content development)

Even if you have existing partners, it may be a good idea to assess new partnerships that may be better aligned to your mandate.

Internal Focus On Tracking And Checkpointing:

Effective tracking and timely checkpointing of the following aspects will go a long way in a successful implementation of your learning strategy.

Accurate Training Needs Analysis (or TNA):

Piloting new initiatives and using their feedback to update or refine the learning designs.
Change management initiatives (as you adopt radically different approaches).
Focus group testing (for validation of training effectiveness and impact).
ROI determination and using the results to fine-tune the way forward.
The process of crafting a learning strategy is a tough one, and its successful implementation is even tougher. Adopting the right trends is a significant aspect that can certainly help you succeed in this endeavor.

Let us know what you think.

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Family Law Tips

If you’ve never been through the family law process before, it can be extremely scary, especially when armed only with limited knowledge from stories told by friends and from the culture. Every state has a different set of laws, and every judge has a different concept on how best to address separating family units. Here are a few bits of information about family law in Florida that may surprise you and bring you some relief.


In Florida, evidence and testimony towards the extra-marital relationships of a spouse are only relevant when that spouse spends significant money on that relationship. In that event, the court may consider those assets to be part of the equitable distribution of the property that has already been claimed, and will award the other spouse additional funds or assets to compensate. But the bare fact of cheating on a spouse is irrelevant. It doesn’t even factor into the grounds for a divorce.


Almost every divorce has the same small bit of critical evidence: one party testifies that “the marriage is irretrievably broken”. That’s all it takes to get a divorce in Florida. Adultery, abuse – none of that is necessary to end a marriage. Just that one bare statement, under oath, from one spouse. However, the court has the power to order the parties to counseling, and the State requires a 4 hour class for any parents involved in a divorce action.


When children are involved in a family law action, the most important part of the case is the Parenting Plan. In the vast majority of cases, the parties attend mediation, and through the guiding actions of the mediator and counsel, when involved in the case, the parties reach an agreement. However, if the matter must be ruled on by a judge, that judge looks at over 20 different factors to determine which parent has the better situation for the children, and how time should be divided between them.


The Florida Statutes expressly provide that if a party falls behind on child support, it does not interfere with the time sharing the delinquent parent enjoys with the children. Additionally, child support is only due when a judge or the Department of Revenue orders the payment of child support, so in the absence of such an order, one parent should not withhold the child from the parent they think should pay them. That said, child support obligations can be imposed for up to two years from the filing of an action for support, all the way back to when the parties stop living together as a family.


Jake Walter Hannaway, Esquire, is a graduate of the University of Florida Levin College of Law, and has been a member of the Florida Bar since 2009. The primary focus of his practice has been helping parents obtain the best result for them and their kids in custody disputes. He has worked with people across the gender and sexuality spectrums. His practice, Hannaway Law, P.A., has offices in Clearwater and Tampa.

It’s Not About the Nail

Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health

Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘travel’ – Vacation? Meeting new people? Or maybe, Instagrammable sunsets? While traveling can be exciting and exhilarating, it’s so much more than sipping margaritas on a sun-soaked beach.

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What is really important in life

When my friend sensed that in a few weeks the light of life was about to be extinguished, and that there was no more hope for him, he called me to his side and said, “If only I had lived my life differently, I might not have felt such an emptiness now. Promise me,” he caught my hand, “Promise me that you won’t make the same mistake.” And when I asked him what mistakes, he asked me to get a pen and paper and to jot down his last words.

Here they are in condensed form:

1) Talk less; listen more.

2) Listen to your grandfather’s stories about his youth. When he’s gone, you will relive the bond through these memories.

3) Invite friend over for a snack or dinner even if the house is a mess.

4) Eat popcorn in the living room even though its messy.

5) Invite the friends who have children home. Don’t worry about their children creating a mess.

6) Sit on the grass even though it dirties your pants.

7) Never buy something just because it lasts for a long time or because it is practical.

8) Stay in bed and at home when sick and stop pretending that the world cannot go one without me for a day.

9) Light up the wonderfully crafted candles and let them burn out. Better this than they accumulate dust in the closet.

10) Share life’s responsibilities with a partner, not only expenses.

11) (Meant for Women) Instead of waiting for the pregnancy to get over, cherish each moment in your heart. Understand that the life in you is the only chance you will get to help god create magic.

12) Let your children hug and kiss you whenever they wish to. Don’t stop them by saying things like: later, go wash your hands first, we have to eat dinner.

13) Say the following two phrases as often as possible: “I love you” and “I am sorry.”

14) Stop worrying about who loves or and who doesn’t or about what others have or don’t have.

15) Cherish all personal human relations.

16) Play with a pet every day. Laugh and run with it and take part in all its antics.

17) Spend more time with the people who love you.

18) Stop sweating because of all the small details and problems of life.

19) Grab every moment, look at it and live it. That moment will never return again.

Her name was Susan, and she had one six year old daughter. Susan taught me these few basic ideals that I have tried to follow in honour of her memory. It has made me a better man, a much nicer husband and in general, a happier person. Even now I can hear her say that God has blessed each and every one of us, and that we should accept these blessings and strive to become stronger both physically, mentally and also emotionally.

E32 – Understanding the evolution of gender language

Listen to “E32 – Understanding the evolution of gender language” on Spreaker.

Vern Phoenix is a person who grew up as a blue-collar conservative Christian in Alaska most of their life, holds no college degree, and still came out this flavor of trans and queer. He is unlike a lot of queer folks in Portland, who generally grew up with liberal/wide scope knowledge, morals, and had more financial support and access to education. He did not have those inherent privileges to be on top of their politics and language that surrounds queer culture. Vern knows the struggle and the feelings of unnecessary shame about not having your script perfected, but was raised with the ideology to look past what a person is saying, and look to their heart and willingness to learn. And then educate them lovingly.

Chronic Depression

Chronic Depression

When I was a teenager, I was told that I probably grew up depressed.  I have had reoccurring episodes of depression my entire life so I guess the term chronically depressed fits.  Most of time, I would say it doesn’t disrupt my life.  Everyone has natural ups and downs and as I have matured I have learned to recognize these and function quite well.  I think the difference is that I do not handle what everyone else would say is a normal life challenges well.  Losing a job, end of a relationship, divorce, death of a loved one—all send me down a spiral and a hole that is hard to crawl out of.   These are the times that I need professional help in the form of medication and therapy.  I’ve learned to recognize this too as I have matured.   The most important thing I have learned is to hide my depression from others.

Despite all of the information available about a host of mental illness’ including depression, there is still a stigma with being diagnosed.   Discrimination comes in many forms—educational opportunities, housing, and employment.   Sure, no one will come out and say that your diagnosis was the reason you were denied these things, but sometimes there is no other explanation.  In a right to work state like Florida, an employer really doesn’t have to have a “reason” for not hiring you or for termination.

There are social implications as well.  There are those who without even knowing the situation will ostracize a person once the diagnosis is disclosed.  I attended a relationship discussion group once where several people said that they would not even enter a relationship with someone who had ANY mental health diagnosis regardless of whether or not it was under control.  I was appalled and offended.   I have also learned that when my depression is not under control to hide it simply because people don’t want to be around a “sad” person and will naturally want to rid themselves of the negativity.

So I think there are many of my mentally ill brothers and sisters who hide their diagnosis. We are your family members, neighbors, and co-workers.  We are the cashier you buy coffee from as well as your child’s teacher.  We can be your mailman, repairman, or your lawyer.  Whether or not you want to be exposed to a mentally ill person, you are going to be.

Some things people may not know about me and my depression and I think others who have varied mental illness will relate to:

  • Don’t assume because I have a mental illness that I can’t do something. I function quite well at my job.
  • Don’t expect me to be “sad” all of the time even when I am severely depressed. I can go out to a party and actually have a good time.
  • Do invite me to your party or get together or just to hang out. I appreciate being made to feel wanted and included so please do invite me to things.
  • Don’t ask me if I have taken my medication after I complain about something you did or didn’t do. This is infuriating and it invalidates my feelings.
  • Don’t automatically fear me. Even though I have been a danger to myself in the past, I don’t have thoughts of harming others.

Empathy and Sympathy – What a Difference



noun \ (ĕm′pə-thē)

Empathy: The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experience of another. Either of the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.

Empathy loves to help people understand more about who she is. Many get her confused with her cousin Sympathy, who is just as lovely as Empathy, but they are very different. For example Sympathy might feel bad for someone, but doesn’t have a personal connection to what that person is feeling. She only knows she wouldn’t want to be in that person’s shoes. While Empathy not only feels badly but also has a personal understanding of what the person is feeling and going through and can easily put herself in their shoes. Sympathy is more about what she is feeling about the situation and Empathy is more about what the other is feeling or going through. Now that may make it seem like Sympathy is selfish but that really isn’t the case at all. Sympathy may not want to see another in distress and feels sad about it, just as Empathy does, it’s just that Sympathy has never had a similar situation happen to her or doesn’t have that full connection of actually understanding and feeling the other person’s woes. Empathy really hopes this helps to clear up, how she interprets, the differences between herself and her cousin Sympathy. She loves her cousin and knows what it feels like to have people mistake you for someone else. You can learn more about Empathy and how she founded Mittlesville |Here|. Hugs & Love to all from all the Mittles of Mittlesville [ Read more about our dear Empathy Mittle Here ]

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