2020 Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for 2020 has officially begun! Now is time to compare all your health insurance options to be protected throughout the new year. Health Care Market Exchange is the official health registration center in Florida with over 250 licensed agents here to help you enroll. Compare over 200 different health plans based on the specific coverage needs with your allocated budget. We offer individual medical insurance plans, as well as affordable plans for your entire family.

When is Florida Open Enrollment for 2020?

Open Enrollment for 2020 coverage in Florida starts Friday, November 1st, 2019 and goes through December 15th, 2019. Coverage must be purchased during these 6 weeks unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. This gives Florida residents sufficient time to contact our licensed agents to help them make an informed decision of the coverage that fits their exact needs and budget.

However, you may start to weigh your options even before the opening period despite changes to the Affordable Healthcare Act. You should speak with a licensed insurance provider through the Health Care Market Exchange at your convenience so that you can make the best decision before the closing date. If you enroll today, you can be covered as early as tomorrow.

Florida Family Health Insurance Options

Whether you’re applying for the first time or planning to re-enroll, there is a brief open enrollment window to purchase Florida health insurance on the private market.

Despite some minor changes to the policies provided by insurers, there are still the minimum required policies. With basic insurance, the lowest income earners can find better coverage than in previous years. While this was indirectly done, the Individual Mandate was the most critical part of the act to be repealed by a tax law reform.

It may be tasking and confusing to determine which coverage is right for you or your family with more than 200 different insurance policies available. We are here to help you compare every Florida health plan side by side. Based on your insurance requirements, we will equate the various monthly premiums in your plan and give a piece of free but honest advice to choose the most pocket-friendly plan based on deductibles, co-pays and coverage.

Financial and Health Risks of Being Uninsured

The tax penalty was eliminated after the end of 2018, and the ACA’s mandate penalty was assessed for the last time on tax returns filed in 2019. Technically, the individual mandate itself is still in effect, but there is no longer a federal penalty for being uninsured. Therefore, the IRS will not apply any tax penalties to citizens.

Serious illness or a terrible accident can make your medical bills unmanageable if you go without health insurance. Unfortunately, about 60% of all bankruptcies are correlated to medical expenses. But insurance offers you a financial security net for medical emergencies. Nonetheless, all citizens of Florida are strongly encouraged to have a kind of insurance coverage to minimize huge expenses out of pocket in case of an unforeseen contingency.

Paying a few hundred dollars per month is well worth the peace of mind and the access to essential care that can be expensive if you have no insurance coverage. Even if you are not always sick, you can have an affordable medical plan in Florida that offers legitimate benefits like wellness testing and seasonal vaccines. Read More…

Health, Dental, and Visions Insurance Options


Health and Life Associates is a licensed insurance brokerage. We sell a variety of health insurance plans and supplements. We take qualified leads from over 30 states. A qualified lead for example is a person looking to purchase health insurance, is not currently on medicare or medicaid etc.

Vision Insurance Plans

Are you looking for vision insurance or a dental and vision combo?

Have you noticed your eyesight getting worse? Maybe trouble reading street signs at night? It might be time to get an eye exam to see if you need vision correction. Vision exams and materials can get expensive so we’re pleased to offer our clients a great selection of vision insurance options.

At EasyDentalQuotes, you can meet your needs for both dental and vision coverage. Just add vision to your selected dental plan and you can save with our combo rates. Or you like, you can get a standalone vision insurance plan too. Take a more in depth look at our quality vision carrier options below and just enter your Zip Code to see plans available in your area.

Easy Dental Quotes

We make dental insurance easy. Find the best plans with “One Easy Click.”

Just enter your Zip Code and click “Find Plans.” We’ll show you a list of plans and rates that are available in your area. We can help you find an affordable dental plan that’s a good fit for your budget and covers the dental services you need. Let us help you find the best dental plan for you.

Accent Health Benefits

Your family’s health is a priority. Imagine if you could spend less on dentist and other healthcare without compromising on quality medical services? Now you can!

This exceptional Accent non dental insurance BENEFIT is included in each of the INEXPENSIVE Accent Health Benefits membership packages helping you save on medical expenses so you can keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs… With your family.

  • No health restrictions
  • Includes you, your spouse (or legal domestic partner) and qualified dependents
  • No limits on the number of times you can use your membership card