Comment on Is Sex The Most Important Part of a Relationship or Marriage? by ImJustSayin

It’s not that I don’t desire sex, it’s that I don’t desire bad sex. I’ve said as delicately, and then as bluntly as possible that I am very unsatisfied in bed. I’ve told him that to me, having a passionless sex life makes us nothing more than good friends. I’ve told him that ‘in-out, in-out, missionary sex’ just isn’t cutting it…I need more. He has made zero attempt to get to know my body. How am I supposed to get worked up when I know he’s just gonna climb on top of me and do his business. Its a miserable situation to be in. I really want sex…is it too much to ask that at least an attempt is made to satisfy me? Or am I just supposed to have sex anyway, no matter how it makes me feel? How do I save this relationship???

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