Protecting Pets in Massachusetts Domestic Violence Cases

By Attorney Katherine Thomas There is a strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence conducted a study where 85.4 percent of women and 63 percent of children reported incidents of pet abuse after arriving at a shelter for domestic violence victims. On October 31, 2012, a new law went into effect in Massachusetts, which recognizes this correlation and offers protection to pets in domestic violence cases.   To read the new law, you can click here. Under the new law, a court may order through a restraining order, the possession, care and control […]

Massachusetts Divorce – What takes so long?

By Colleen Cunnally – Massachusetts divorce lawyers and mediators at The Divorce Collaborative LLC. Prior to entering into a marriage ceremony in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, couples must apply for a marriage license at a town or city hall.   The application takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  There is a mandatory three-day waiting period before the license is issued. That’s the easy part! The Massachusetts divorce process is neither quick nor simple.  Unless a couple is without assets or children, the divorce process is more involved than sometimes portrayed.  Although someone might take years to decide to initiate a divorce, once things […]

Home Alone – Should You Really Keep the House After Your Massachusetts Divorce?

By Massachusetts divorce lawyer and mediator Stephen McDonough of  The Divorce Collaborative LLC The marital home is oftentimes a couple’s largest financial asset. Unfortunately, home values remain depressed and your real estate is also probably your largest expense. Part of property settlement discussions surrounding a divorce whether you are in divorce mediation or having a litigated, court-based case, involves whether one spouse or the other – or neither – should stay in the house.  Before agreeing to take over the house, also known as the marital home, do your homework and consider these  helpful pointers: First, check your credit score.  […]