Enhance Your Sex Life with Porn

Most people find porn to be something dirty or otherwise offensive. A significant portion of that group of people is typically female. On the other hand, men tend to enjoy looking at and reading porn. It provides quite a bit of excitement for them sexually and many men use it as a masturbatory aid. In the case of couples, though, porn can be quite the sexual aid. However, there are some rules that apply.

Which type?
The type of porn used should be something that excites both of you; not just one of you. Generally, there are types of porn that both partners enjoy just as there are different types that the partners like separately. A good example of this is the popularity of girl on girl porn. Numerous men love to watch lesbians in action as well as lesbian couples themselves. On the other hand, many straight women do not seem to relish the idea of watching two women having sex. If your situation is such where one of you enjoys watching women together and the other one does not, it will be necessary to find another form that you both may find exciting. There are couples, though, where both partners love to watch women with other women. In these cases, lesbian action is perfect to get the juices flowing, so to speak.

Opening up
Unless you are adamantly against a particular type of porn, it is always a good idea to try to open your mind a bit. For instance, many women enjoy watching a video of a man masturbating. This may not do the trick for a lot of men simply because of psychological reasons. If these men understood just how turned on their women become while watching this type of porn, they might decide to change their minds about it. In fact, they don’t even have to watch the video. They can simply watch their female partners watching the videos and enjoy how excited they get. This will also help to rev up the guys because of how excited their women are.

The setup
The best way to use porn to enhance your relationship is to actually plan an evening alone where you will not be disturbed. Now, while it is quite possible these days to find all of the porn videos that you want on the Internet; it is a lot more fun if you can watch these videos on a television screen rather than a computer monitor. That leaves plenty of room for you and your partner to act on your building passion while you watch the movie. You won’t have a computer in the way.

Pretend that you and your partner are actually the actors in the movie and that you are the ones doing what they are. It can be one of the most exciting experiences the two of you have ever had together. Let the movies give you ideas to try out later. You can even incorporate these ideas into a spicy Sex Agreement.  Nothing is more titillating than something new, different and, yes, even forbidden. Porn videos offer quite a variety of those very ideas.