10 Helpful Tips for Men Going Through Divorce

At Men’s Divorce Law Firm, we know that getting a divorce is an emotional period in your life, especially if children are involved. The divorce process can be extremely difficult, and you may feel completely lost dealing with the dissolution of your marriage and the ensuing custody battle.

The cost of divorce can sometimes be financially crippling and emotionally devastating. Without an experienced attorney, you may find yourself on the wrong side of a bad custody arrangement and paying child support payments that you can hardly afford. Sound legal representation can help to ensure a positive outcome and allow the divorce process to go smoothly for both parties. Here are some tips to help get you through the divorce process with fewer battle scars and less emotional distress:

  1. Try Not to Argue: Try not to engage in an argument with your spouse, take note of what your spouse is saying and try not to react in anger.
  2. Watch Your Words Carefully: Be careful and thoughtful in your words and responses to your spouse. This will give your spouse less ammunition to use against you later.
  3. Keep records: Keep records of all the divorce proceedings. Record any threats or harassment from your spouse and make sure to record the date and times.
  4. Be Money Savvy: Keep records of your spending and try to remain within your allotted budget for the divorce.
  5. Don’t Retaliate: Do not engage in any form of physical, emotional, or sexual retaliation. This is important for you to come out of the divorce with your reputation and finances intact.
  6. Stay in Touch with Your kids: Keep an open communication with your children, if permitted. Stay connected, go to their games, recitals, and performances, and give them the love and praise they deserve.
  7. Don’t Smack Talk Your Ex: Do not talk negatively about your spouse to the children. Have positive interactions with them and do not force them to take sides. This is important to keeping the bond alive with your children.
  8. Take Care of Your Health: Stay healthy and don’t neglect your mental and physical well-being. Eat Right and Exercise.
  9. Seek a Therapist: You may feel depressed and isolated during this time. See a counselor to help discuss your feelings and anxiety. A therapist can help keep the doors of communication open and address feelings of helplessness and despair.
  10. Hire an Experienced Attorney: Find competent and sympathetic legal counsel. Look for an attorney who has a good reputation in working with fathers. Be honest and open with your attorney.

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